3 years to school age.

Gumnut Cottage - Coffs Harbour Child Care CentreThe Wallaby Room caters for children aged between 3. and school age with a class size of 25 children per day. Educators encourage and challenge children to develop their sense of agency and autonomy throughout our Educational program and daily routines. Our indoor environment encourages the development of literacy, mathematical and scientific dispositions for learning through a variety of well organised and diverse play spaces. Once outside in our large, natural play space, we offer ample opportunity for children to engage in sporting and group games, gardening and sustainability practices, music experiences and opportunities to extend on their own learning through use of items found in their natural environment.  

Our fortnightly Educational Program is based on children’s interests displayed during their play experiences as well as educator designed intentional teaching opportunities. In the Wallaby Room we encourage exploration, problem solving, imagination, creativity, investigation and group engagement. We believe these skills will support our children in developing resilient, respectful, kind and empathic dispositions in their current and future learning experiences.    

Currently our Educational team consists of Two Early Childhood Teachers, one Diploma, one trainee Diploma and two Certificate 3 trained educators. These Educators are dedicated to preparing children for ‘big school’ through a Preschool / School Readiness Program aimed at developing fine motor, cognitive, emergent literacy and social skills to give them the best start possible at primary school.